Traveling in Groups

Traveling with multiple people is not something that I would consider to be easy. I travel with my family often, and even though I love all of them so so much (hey mama, love ya!) it is still difficult at times. There are so many things that can add up to great travel plans coming crumbling down.  Here are somethings to help you stay on the same page while you travel, and some other extra tips!

Travelingin Portugal with Mom and Brother!


Get everyone’s input on what they want to do, and have them mark off their top 3 or so items that they would love to see/do. Then have them order them. If only one person is doing the things they want to, everyone else is most likely not going to be thrilled, so this is important. The whole planning phase can really set the tone for the trip. Brainstorming and lists can help a lot with this.

Also, it’s no fun if only one person is doing the planning, so everyone should try to pitch in. I’ve been on trips where one or two people did most of the planning, and the others didn’t say anything, but then were upset they weren’t able to see their top destinations. Bottom line is stay focused on communication and if you have somewhere you would really like to see, speak up. No one will know you want to go somewhere if you never say it.

With that being said, if you are the person who likes to take control and plan every little detail, listen to your travel partners. Talking and listening are equally important and can make or break a trip.

Goals of the trip

This is something that really hits home with my family. My dad loves going to Hawaii, but not for the reasons that most people love going to Hawaii. He is the person to get up at 6am and wants to go for an 8 mile hike. Now this is great, and I love my dad, but a week in Hawaii and every day of that spent hiking is not exactly my definition of a tropical vacation. My whole family knows how each vacation like this will turn out, so we plan for it. We try to build in days that we can do other things. For my dad sitting on the beach is actual torture, so some days we will plan to have him paddle board, or kayak. On these days, I also know that I can choose to opt in or out, depending on the day. As long as people are on the same page, traveling can be made significantly easier by just understanding the actual goal of the trip.

Length of Travel

Now that we are all adults vacations mean taking time off of work, not just jetting off for summer vacay. Make sure when you are planning a trip that everyone is on the same page in terms of how long you will actually be away. Whether this means taking off work, or just being away from home, time is important for everyone for different reasons.

For my friends that haven’t been on a trip longer than a week, taking a 3 week vacation to the Bahamas might be a little rough. You are immersing yourself in a different country and culture. This can wear even the best of us down. Being away from family is also hard, so make sure that the people you are going with are comfortable with being away from home. Being in a foreign country away from family can take an adjustment period. Although FaceTime and Facebook Messenger definitely help with this!


Especially if you are traveling with a group of girls, this is can be super helpful. There is absolutely no reason I can think of that you might need 4 hair straighteners, so talk about what you are bringing before hand. Maybe one person brings a travel hair dryer, one person brings a straightener, and one brings a curler. It is always better to cut down on bulky items like these where you can…. Plus more room to put the things you buy on your way back! With my friends, I also like to talk closets. Most girls I know have no problem with sharing clothes, so I suggest taking advantage of this when you are traveling. You can cut down on clothes and save space by simply talking about what you’re bringing before you go!


If you take anything from this post, I would want you to pay attention to this. Budgeting is such a huge part of traveling. This can cause more problems than everything else combined. Make sure that you set a clear budget that is within what you can actually afford. It’s not even worth it to say that you can afford a trip of $4,000 if you really can only afford $1,000. You’ll be upset and worried the whole time. This also wastes time that you would have been having fun (hopefully the whole time!) worrying about money.


Traveling with others might be a bit stressful but it is also SO  fun.  Get planning  and safe travels!