Enjoy all of my African travels here! There is so much beauty on this amazing continent. Between culture, food, and the vast beauty of open space, Africa has it all! Read about my trips here.


This was one seriously cool experience. My mom and I had the incredible opportunity to join Flying4Rhino up in the air as they flew their evening patrol.  

South Africa

Two weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to travel to South Africa. I guess I have my best friend, also named Katie, to thank for this, as she was offered a position there doing research in the  public health sector  in Pretoria and East London so naturally this seemed like a great time to jet out of the country

Lions & Tigers & Bears, oh wait!

Despite the fact that that there are no Tigers OR Bears, the Lions in South Africa definitely make up for it! From the Birmingham coalition of brothers lying in wait less than 15 feet from our car, to lion walks, and cub kisses