North America

Ah, my home continent. This contains everything US and Mexico (Canada is on my list!). From things to do in Philly, to things to eat in California, I love exploring the US! Stay tuned for more info on my Mexico trip here.


This May, my brother graduated from college and moved up to Boston (cue:” I’m Shipping Up To Boston” by Dropkick Murphys). With mattress and box spring strapped to the top of his Honda Civic, we drove the 6 hours up to his new city. In the rain.   Fast forward  a few months and Ivan and I headed  up to visit him in his new apartment.  Read about how our trip went here!

Balboa Island

Living 3,000 miles away from my parents and where I was raised makes going home a big deal. It has really put into perspective my absolute favorite things to do when I am home and the things that I treasure the most. One thing that I have never doubted, however is my love for Balboa Island.

Best Places to Eat in Encinitas, CA

There are few cities that I enjoy the food in more than in my hometown of Encinitas, CA. Everything is fresh, the staff everywhere are nice, and really, you are able to get some very authentic meals. In honor of my coming home this week...