Tricks for Your Trips

Clearing Security Efficiently

My rough calculations I’ve flown over 400,000 miles in my life. Flying 3,000 miles each way to and from college several times a year for 4 years catapulted my overall miles traveled, paired with trips to Hawaii, Europe, Africa, and Australia/New Zealand, I think the 400k is a low estimate.  This has provided some helpful life lessons for flying along the way.

Passing Time on Planes

Flying back and forth from east to west coast several times a year has given me a lot of time to discover new ways to pass time while in these flying metal contraptions...​

Traveling in Groups

Traveling with multiple people is not something that I would consider to be easy. I travel with my family often, and even though I love all of them so so much (hey mama, love ya!) it is still difficult at times. There are so many things that can add up to great travel plans coming crumbling down. 

Surviving Flight Delays

As I am writing this, I am sitting in the Philadelphia International airport, waiting for my flight. We were supposed to leave at 2:15, but now we're delayed and the flight has been pushed back 6 times to 6:15...

10 Must Haves-Packing for a Plane

Hey hey! So for those of you who don’t know, I am one of those weird people who LOVES turbulence. Seriously, it reminds me how high up we are in the air, and that we are literally soaring over this gorgeous planet we are so lucky to be able to live on! So yeah, I love turbulence, and the little humming sound my suitcase makes